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This is not a self-righteous idea, but everyone thinks so. As long as you see the disparity in the proportion of bets in the gambling game, it will be clear at a glance, which makes Yang Qing feel very happy. “Invincible at the same level” Hearing the roar of excitement from the stands, Yang Qing involuntarily raised the corners of his mouth. For the sake of this name, he practiced penance for ten years, and the way of practice, which made life worse than death, almost brought him a psychological shadow. He wanted to give up for countless times, but when he thought of the humiliation he had experienced, he gritted his teeth and finally got the strength of the foundation period. This strength was earned by penance, without any water, so he was very sure of his strength. This strength was confirmed after returning to the m’mén faction. He repeatedly challenged the monks of the same rank, exerting the strange power of inheriting skills, and no one could resist at all. So he was sure that it would be effortless to kill Wang Gan. In the long wait, Yang Qing felt more and more impatient, somehow, his heart gradually produced a sense of irritability. This feeling represents foreboding and is a special feeling produced by the keen premonition of real people. Ten years ago, I couldn’t kill Wang Gan with two levels higher than me. Can I really kill him now? This person has been promoted very quickly. Ten years have passed. Has he become stronger than me? Shrouded in a sense of foreboding,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, Yang Qing couldn’t help but start thinking about Lu luàn, but these questions were soon thrown out of his mind, a person who was sealed to repair, repair can not regress is good, how can we make a breakthrough? Just when Yang Qing was restless, suddenly, he spread out the true knowledge and felt a murderous look from a hundred feet away. He watched intently and saw a white-haired,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, decaying monk, wrapped in layers of black fire, heading straight here at a very fast speed. When the man landed in the arena of life and death, the audience was silent and shocked by his appearance. You Is it Wang Gan? Yang Qing Leng Leng, some can not believe. The onlookers in the stands could not believe that this man was the one who had made a scene in Luotian Mountain Mmén ten years ago. Is it difficult to face the wall for ten years and torture people like this? “Yang Qing, I didn’t expect you to come back alive from Wuyueqiu.” Wang Ganmu said without expression. ……” Yang Qing opened his eyes wide, and with a twitch at the corners of his mouth, he suddenly let out a wild laugh: “Ha ha ha, you are indeed Wang Gan. I don’t care why your life is exhausted and you become like this. Today is the day you die. Sacrifice the flag for me.” Pow He snapped his fingers, only to see eight flags that sent out bursts of spiritual pressure and movement, falling from the air with a crash. On the flags, there were eight divinatory symbols, Gan, brushed stainless steel sheet ,mirror stainless steel sheet, Kun, Zhen, Gen, Li, Kan, Dui, and Xun, which were as high as ten feet. This is the battle of the sacrificial flag. Baidu input “Nuoshu net” online free to see the whole text novel Volume I Seven Treasure Trees Chapter 123 Flame Rock Flowing Rain Emperor Sword Power Updated: May 3, 2011 17:11:25 Words in this chapter: 6211 Mobile synchronous reading, please visit the http://wap.nuoshu.com. Chapter 123 Yan Yan Liu Yu Tian Zi Jian Wei. How did Wang Gan become like this? Xiao Zixiang looked at the figure on the ring in great shock. ~ ~ wWW. NUoShu. Com ~ ~ () From the appearance, in addition to looking very old, this person is indeed very similar to Wang Gan. But his life was as uncertain as a firefly, as if it would go out at any moment. Did he use the spell that can devour life again? Doesn’t he have a lot of Vitality Dan? Why not use it? Xiao Zixiang frowned, wondering what had happened to Wang Gan in just three days. Is this man Wang Gan of the Mmén of the Big Noise Mountain in those days? Didn’t you say it was a young man? Why do you look so old that you’re dying? Someone questioned it. It’s Wang Gan. Yes, I have seen his appearance with my own eyes, but his vitality is too weak, so weak that even his cultivation can not be seen. ” Generally speaking, as long as the age is not too old, the level of cultivation is judged by the length of life. But if it is a monk who has survived the disaster, it may be an old monster who has lived for thousands of years. He has only a few hundred years of life left. He is not as good as a monk who practices Qi at its peak. His murderous look is so heavy. Look at that strange sword. Why do I have a feeling of fear? There was a lot of discussion in the stands, but Wang Gan in the rumor was not quite the same as the person they had imagined, so they felt something was wrong. Wang Gan, do you know how long I have been waiting for this day? Die, “the enemy was particularly jealous when they met. Yang Qing shouted with a murderous look all over his body. Then he turned over his palm and saw a simple and heavy spirit sword.”. This spirit sword exudes a very powerful pressure, but there are countless’fire ‘characters carved on its surface, I do not know what power it has. Yang Qing murmured the formula in his mouth, and then suddenly thrust the sword into the ground, which has been submerged in most of the body of the sword. He kept pouring True Qi into it, only to see that the sword actually began to heat up, and soon reached a very high temperature. Finally, the sword melted into red molten iron and flowed into the underground along the gap. From the underground came an ominous breath, Wang Gan’s eyes moved, suddenly stepped out to the right, the body like a ghost without effort to float out several feet away. Boom Suddenly, at the moment he left, there was a rolling magma emitting amazing heat, which suddenly erupted, forming an amazing fire fountain. If he had stayed a little longer, he would have been burned alive by the magma immediately. “Hide is useless, flame rock flow rain” Yang Qing ferocious smile, repeatedly pinch formula, only to see the eruption of the fire flow actually rotating up to high altitude,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, then burst apart, with terrible high temperature, into a fire rain to attack Wang Gan. sxthsteel.com


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