Your daughter flirts with her husband raiders by Yi Guang



In the past two years, she had sent people to the north in order to protect him. His vigilance had always been very high, so the people sent there were almost useless. Instead, the things that flying pigeons sent back were more like living notes, writing what color clothes he usually liked to wear and what taste of food he liked to eat. After reading them, she carefully remembered them in her heart. So she knew he was lying, because he loved to drink Penglai Xianhao. At this point, Ye Huaiyang finally understood that he was also blocked by Chu Jinglan behind the mask, he did not remember her at all, in his eyes, she was just an outsider with evil intentions, not the little girl who snuggled in his arms. Thinking of this, she seemed to change the subject carelessly and said, “The spring tide is coming. Wang Ye might as well go to the terrace with me to watch it.” Chu Jinglan looked up into her eyes, as if there was a faint flash of emotion, he had not yet caught, she had turned to the terrace, a moment later, he stepped forward and stood side by side with her. I don’t know when the sun faded away,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and there seemed to be a water dragon roaring under the calm river, which was deafening. This was a sign that the spring tide was coming. Night Huaiyang stared at the water belt like Hua, and couldn’t help but turn his head, but just to the deep eyes of Chu, the past came to his mind in an instant. Ten years ago, she almost drowned in this river. After years of natural disasters, the people had no food to eat. The White Lotus Sect, under the banner of eliminating disasters,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, went around collecting children born on the fifth day of the fifth month, claiming that they were possessed by demons and that waterboarding could protect the people from disasters. Ye Huaiyang was born on this day. She was caught by a Taoist priest when she was playing outside. On the day of her execution, she was locked in a cage with many children and hung on the river. When the Taoist priest finished, he would sink them to the bottom of the water. At the critical moment, Chu Jinglan arrived with his troops. At that time, Ye Huaiyang was so frightened that he lost his mind and kicked anyone who approached her. The soldiers recognized her family emblem and dared not use force. It was Chu Jinglan who took her out of the cage and comforted her in a gentle voice. He watched her from nervousness to relaxation, then to sobbing softly, and finally fell asleep in his arms. All the way, he did not put her down. Later, Ye Huaiyang knew his identity from the process of his father thanking Chu Jinglan and kept it in mind. Now, ten years later, the man stood in front of her again. This is the first time I’ve watched the tide since I was a child. Do you know why? She chuckled, but her face turned pale. Chu Jinglan clearly saw her fingertips trembling, mirror stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, and her eyes were slightly stagnant. “Why?” She asked. “Because I once suffered a disaster here, it was a teenager who saved me.” She turned sideways and gazed at Chu Jinglan with a sudden smile. “Speaking of it, the silver-gray brocade robe he wore that day was very similar to the one on Wang Ye.” Chu Jinglan looked at her in silence, his face undulating. At that moment, white waves rose from the misty water in the distance, like a huge dragon crossing the river, spraying beads and spitting. At the same time, the stairs made a thump sound. Someone was picking up the steps and approaching them quickly. Sister Yang, I’m late! Are you up there? The man who shouted had a very loud voice, but because of climbing the stairs and some lack of breath, he was obviously not a practitioner. Ye Huaiyang motioned to the crescent moon to close the door on the top floor and reached Chu Jinglan’s ear, his eyes shining and exhaling like orchids. I wonder what Wang Ye thought about the suggestion I made that day? Chu Jinglan did not stretch out her hand to open the door, nor did she care about the movement outside the door. She only refused lightly: “This king will not cooperate with you.” Hearing this, Ye Huaiyang lifted his lips and smiled. Obviously, he had expected that he would give this answer, but he said slowly: “It doesn’t matter. Then I will give Wang Ye a small gift for the next program. If Wang Ye regrets seeing the gift, it’s not too late to come to Ye’s house to find me again. I will be waiting for you all the time.” She spoke softly, but what she said contained endless deep meaning. Chu Jinglan narrowed her eyes slightly, and before she could see anything from her face, a dark shadow suddenly came up and banged the door. “Sister Yang, it’s me. Open the door!” On the other side of the river, a wall of water several people high had risen. In the blink of an eye, it came to the front of Tingzhou. It seemed to be going down. Accompanied by a loud rumbling noise and the excited voice of the crowd watching the tide, Chu Jinglan could not hear anything in his ears. He only saw the smiling face of Ye Huaiyang flashing in front of his eyes. Then the whole person quickly flashed into the inner room, and the people outside rushed in at the same time. It’s Bai Zihao, the third young man of the Bai family. At this time, the tide turned to the highest point, and the moment it rushed to Tingzhou, it split into two streams of water, and rolled up a huge wind. The gauze on the Yujing Tower was unhooked, and there was no cover on the top floor. The picture of Chu Jinglan and Bai Zihao in the same room appeared in everyone’s vision. Eh? How could they watch the tide together? The Bai family was not. “What do you know? Anyway, it’s not the first time for the Bai family to see the wind at the helm. Maybe this time they want to go back and be loyal to their old master again.” Hearing this, Bai Zihao turned pale and just wanted to grab the window and scold the gossiping people, but he was frozen stiff by the thin cold in Chu Jinglan’s eyes. Damn! How did you meet him here! Around the discussion is getting louder and louder, Bai Zihao’s face is red and white for a while, and finally fled in a panic. Chu Jinglan turned and pulled open the door of the inner room, which was empty, leaving a faint fragrance. Chapter 9 Climbing the Wall After the tide of the Yi River passed, the weather became cold. It was very wet in front of and behind the house. Chu Jinglan had been seriously injured before. When he met this kind of weather, his knees would ache. But he didn’t want to see a doctor. He sat in the pavilion reading every day and almost didn’t make Lu Heng angry to death. I think you’re just idle. You might as well agree to Ye Huaiyang’s proposal! Lu Heng lifted his hem and sat down on the stone bench, frowning at Chu Jinglan’s knee. Although there was a thin blanket on it, it didn’t seem to be a big problem, but only he knew how bad the old wound was, but the person concerned was still looking light,304 stainless steel wire, so how could he not be angry? “Bullshit.” The book in Chu Jinglan’s hand turned over another page, but he did not lift his head, apparently not taking his words to heart.


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