Wicket keeping is one of the most demanding and challenging positions in the game of cricket. It requires a high level of skill, agility, and reflexes to be able to effectively catch and stop balls that are coming at the keeper at high speeds. In addition to this, the wicket keeper must also be able to move quickly and efficiently around the crease in order to make crucial saves and prevent runs. To help keepers perform at their best, special protective gear, known as wicket keeping pads, is worn to protect the legs and feet from impact. Moonwalkr wicket keeping pads are typically made of lightweight materials, such as foam and plastic, to provide maximum protection while also allowing for ease of movement. They typically consist of two main parts — the shin guards and the knee rollers. The shin guards are worn on the front of the legs, covering the shins and ankles, while the knee rollers are worn on the back of the legs, covering the knees. Both types of pads are designed to provide maximum protection from impact, while also allowing for flexibility and movement. The cricket shin guards are typically made of a combination of foam and […] read more